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Here's a sampling of the products we carry.

At Edify, our goal is to provide for all the needs of a health-conscious lifestyle. Whether you live with an allergy-restricted diet, strive to live chemical free, believe in herbal vitalism, or enjoy making healthy choices, it's our goal to help make such a path easier to attain. Our products include gluten-free and other allergy-sensitive health foods, herbal teas designed to better health, herbal folk remedies, and chemical-free household items.

Our goal when we created Edify was to do just that: edify others who had dietary restrictions or medical ailments through wholesome food and holistic medicine.

Health Foods

We’ve come to realize that for us this means something more personal than a simple storefront. Which is why we've moved off Bridge Street. So how can you find our gluten-free products?   Simply click on the Products tab and do your Edify shopping from the comfort of your home.